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Food Babies Love was founded by Emily Dupuche from little more than a dream. Emily has always loved food and cooking and had great fun introducing her twins to solids. She created delicious and nutritious meals that babies actually loved eating. She quickly realised that many parents found this phase of parenting challenging and there was need for a practical and simple guide. Combining her love of food with practical advice and a touch of mum-wisdom, she wrote Food Babies Love; a guide to introducing solids.

First published in 2012, it is now an Aussie Best Seller and loved by thousands of parents and their childrens’ happy tummies.

Emily is driven by the belief that babies don’t like bland boring food and that you should never try to serve your baby a meal you wouldn’t eat yourself…banana and avocado smoothie? No thanks. Meat and vege from a squeeze pouch – absolutely not.

Emily’s goal is for every parent in Australia to be exposed to Food Babies Love and for every baby to grow up with a love of good food. She wants to offer a better alternative for our babies. Our babies deserve better than what’s currently available in stores and our parents need a helping hand.

That’s why the FBL team have been working for 3 years to bring you Australia’s first range of FRESH baby and toddler meals – Food Babies Love Fresh Pots.

A selection of tried and true Food Babies Love favorites available in convenient packs up and down the Eastern Seaboard. And home delivery in Melbourne.

Team FBL want to help you be the best parent you can be. We offer delicious, nutritious and guilt free all natural meal options to help your baby thrive and give you a helping hand.

All of the convenience and none of the compromise.


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I was most impressed by the nutritional soundness and layout of Emily Dupuche's delightful family cookbook for children entitled Food Babies Love.

Dr Elisa Rough

Absolutely love this book. It has made me feel less fearful in the leap into solids.

Nerida G

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