Banana Berry Breakfast Wraps

This is a delicious way to start the day – healthier than pancakes and a whole lot quicker to make, they make a really easy breakfast wrap, or a snack to be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Banana and Berries is a fave combination in our house, but you can mix it up with your favourite fruit combinations.

Ingredients (per person):

1 slice Mountain Bread
1 TBS Smooth Ricotta (or Greek Yoghurt)
Sprinkling of ground cinnamon
Drizzle of honey or a few sultanas
1/2  Banana sliced
A few Strawberries hulled and sliced
A few Blueberries


  1. Place ricotta in a bowl and stir cinnamon, honey or sultanas through the smooth ricotta.
  2. Lay mountain bread on bench and spread bottom half with flavoured ricotta.
  3. Scatter Banana and Berries over the ricotta.
  4. Begin to roll the mountain bread tucking in each end half way to secure.
  5. Enjoy!

Emily Dupuche

I am a Melbourne mum of 3 who is passionate about feeding children good food, to power them through a day of growing, playing and learning. I believe that we as parents have a duty to our children, to educate them around nutrition and ensure they have a positive relationship with food.

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