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Tuesday 16 January, 2018

Communication and comfort in the first few months

Are you currently in the newborn bubble?

The first few months with a new baby in your life is a truly life-changing adventure. Remember when everyone used to say, “a baby changes your life” and you tried to imagine but couldn’t quite get it. Well now you get it, right?

Life with a newborn is a wonderful and rewarding time, where some days seem to disappear without a trace, and some nights might seem never-ending.

Comforting your baby and nurturing them emotionally and socially is the aim of all parents especially in the early days, and it’s great to know the best and easiest thing to do this is simply talking to them while maintaining face-to-face connections.

I used to lose hours in my day just staring into my baby’s eyes. Babies just love hearing their mother’s and father’s voices, sing softly (they don’t care if you’re out of tune!), talk about what you’re doing as you change their nappy or give them a bath. Watch their eyes as they study your face; they are imprinting your face and sounds into their memories. And be sure to take note of tired signs. As they get tired, they may turn away, start to grizzle or pull their eyes. This is totally normal! Newborn bubs get tired with the smallest amount of stimulation. Understanding that your baby’s reactions are in no way personal or signaling that you’re not doing it right. It’s just your baby’s way of communicating she’s ready for the next part of her day, which will probably be to be fed, or put down for a snooze!

There is an overwhelming amount of information that gets thrown at us in those first few months. Stay true to your own family values, seek help and support as you need, go slow. All you need to do at this time is nurture your baby and yourself. And most of all, try to enjoy it.  The first few months fly by, and before you know it, you will be up to the solids bit!

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