Getting Started on Solids FAQs

• Are they aged between 4 and 6 months?
• Are their eyes following your food from plate to mouth?
• Reaching out to grab at what you eat
• Or perhaps they are not lasting as long between milk feeds?

These are all indicators that your baby may be ready to move onto solids.

Follow the easy day by day guide in Food Babies Love; a guide to introducing solids.

We like to keep things simple at Food Babies Love and recommend a good highchair that is easy to clean, a feeding smock and quality plastic bib and a few kitchen essentials. You don’t need to spend lots of money of big kitchen gadgets, a simple stick blender will do just fine. We also recommend a good vegetable peeler and a grater that’s not rusty. A good microwave safe jug with a lid is also handy. You will need lots of food storage containers for freezing all your beautiful cooking in small portions.

There is lots of talk about skipping purees and going straight to texture or even finger food (Baby Led Weaning)

My personal opinion is that smooth purees are fine for a few weeks but it is important to start migrating to texture by about 6-7 months of age. Like so many parenting challenges, do what you are comfortable with but I recommend sticking with purees to enable them to get used to tastes and then introduce texture.

I don’t believe there are any rights or wrongs but beware of choking and never leave your baby unsupervised why they are eating.

Its basically and approach to introducing solids where you bypass the puree and spoon stage and you offer your baby food from your plate and them suck on it and play with it.

Common concerns include risk of choking, the mess (it is a very messy business so be prepared if you choose this path) and whether or not the nutritional needs of the baby are being met.

There is a whole lot more information and my opinion on it in this Blog Post.

Your baby’s regular milk (breast or formula) must remain their primary source of nutrition until 12 months of age.

If you notice your baby’s milk intake is dropping a lot then you may need to offer smaller serves at meal times. From 6 months to 12 months their milk volumes will gradually decrease with some feeds dropping all together. They should be consuming between 500ml and 600ml per day

There may be a couple of reasons they appear not to be interested. One is simply because they are not ready. If this is your gut feel and they are still not yes 6 months old then its fine to pause for a week or two and try again later.

If they are just showing the very common signs of minimal interest then don’t give up! Persistence and timing is the key. There is no point offering food to a baby if they are over tired or not hungry. Try before their milk feed and when they first wake up.

Also remember that it takes up to 10-15 exposures of a new food for children to decide if they like something or not. So don’t assume that because they turned their nose up at pumpkin, they don’t like it, and that they’re a 'fussy eater'. Keep trying, and mix up how you prepare the food. Try pumpkin pureed, mashed, hot or cold, mixed into lentils, roasted, in risotto, etc.

Water. Water. Water. Do not give your toddler juice, cordial or soft drink. This is completely unnecessary, is a major cause of Paediatric
dental decay and will impact their beverage choices for the rest of their life. Water and Milk are all they need. We feel really passionate about this! It’s such an easy one to get right and so many parents muck it up.

Offer water with every meal and in between milk feeds and food just as you would require throughout the course of a day.

‘Fussy Eater’ is a commonly used term to describe a child who is simply asserting their independence. In most cases it’s a behavior and definitely not a disease. Of course there are some real cases of serious food aversions and sensory issues, but I am referring to the majority.

The most important thing is to never offer choices. If your child doesn’t want to eat what you serve them, don’t make a fuss, simply take the meal away and move on. Yes they may go hungry, yes there may be tears but if you start to prepare another meal or offer them favorites they will quickly learn that their behavior is rewarded with what they want. This can become a battle of wills but a few nights off to bed with no food and they will quickly realise they need to eat what is offered.

As parents sometimes we need to take a brave pill to be ok with this but trust me, it works. Your job is provided a balanced nutritious diet and let them decide how much of it they eat. Don’t give in to the nagging for the honey sandwich or whatever it may be. Remember, kids wont starve themselves.

You may like to talk one on one to Emily about your specific situation – you can do this through booking a Consultation with her.

Set clear paramaters and boundaries around mealtimes from the outset, and stick to them.

1. Always site them in a high chair with a bib and feeding smock on. Once they know the drill they wont resist it.
2. Never have toys on the table
3. NO TV and NO devices – you or them!
4. Be firm with your expectations around table manners
5. Do not offer choices, if they don’t want the meal you serve, don’t worry. Move on from the meal
6. Always sit at the table with your baby and talk to them – you are setting the foundations for a family mealtime. Do you want your teenagers to sit and chat with you or do you want them eating in their bedrooms trawling facebook?

Every baby is different so be guided by them a little. Remember their tummy is no bigger then their fist so if you have a baby that would keep eating and eating and eating, then put the brakes on. Also if their milk intake is dropping significantly, reduce their meal size.

1. A good guide for up to 18 months is approx.. 5 to 10 cubes, or up to 1 cup in volume per meal.
2. Around 2 years of age you may notice a drop in consumption, this is inline with slowing growth rates and is perfectly normal.
3. Limit snacking and always make them healthy choices


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No, there is only one edition. In Septermber 2014 the book was re published by Pan Macmillan under their Plum imprint. At the time the cover was updated but all the content inside is the same.

The short answer is Yes, we do. But its not available through our website, you need to contact us and we will provide a postage quote and manage the process from there.

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Do you like eating in a rain coat? I don’t. Plastic smocks are hot and uncomfortable to wear and babies fidget and try to take them off ending in a battle. Our 100% cotton super comfy feeding smocks may not be waterproof but when partnered with a quality plastic bib they more than do the job of keeping your babies outfit clean and wetness off the chest helping to avoid chest infections.

Fresh Pot FAQs

Absolutely not. Our range is all natural and has been developed in consultation with dieticians, nutritionists and professionals to ensure that all meals are nutritionally appropriate with NO artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and are made according to strict food preparation standards.

Food Babies Love founder Emily searched high and low for a manufacturer that would work with her to develop her range of Fresh Pots, with no compromise on quality!

Our manufacturer is a family owned Aussie Company and uses Food Babies Love recipes, the best available ingredients and home style cooking techniques (real people cooking real food) to make the food exactly as you would at home.

Sourcing the freshest and best local ingredients is the number one priority for Food Babies Love. As such, we have worked hard to establish partnerships with our suppliers to ensure there is no compromise on quality.


Our guarantee to you is that we will continually build on these partnerships and provide the best ingredients available for your family.

We’ve chosen not to pursue the organic badge as we don’t feel the nutritional benefits outweigh the cost to you.  Our goal is to make quality fresh meals readily available and the organic price tag would make it cost prohibitive for most families.


In addition, Organic food in Australia is still a grey area. To be certified organic means to grow or manufacture a product free from synthetic pesticides, herbicides, hormones and antibiotics. Livestock must be free range and pasture-fed, seed must be non-GM, and the process must be water efficient and biodiversity friendly. As a result there are many products that claim they are organic but they are actually not.


Furthermore, studies have compared the nutritional content of organic and conventionally grown plants, and most have shown no significant differences in key vitamin and mineral content.

Heating and Storage Instruction

Microwave reheating instruction (times may vary depending on your microwave)

  • Break Plastic tab at tamper-proof seal and lift lid to open pack
  • Replace lid loosely
  • Microwave on HIGH for 1 minute
  • Stir for even heating, replace lid loosely
  • Microwave on HIGH for a further 1 minute or until heated through
  • Check temperature is safe before serving to baby
  • Keep refrigerated at 1–4°C.  Use within 24 hours of opening

Stovetop reheating instruction

  • Place the contents of the tub in a medium saucepan
  • Heat gently, stirring occasionally for 3 minutes or until heated thoroughly

Warning statement

Cooking/Heating times are a guide and vary depending on your appliance.

Caution container and contents will be hot after heating. Check product temperature after reheating before offering to baby.

Be guided by the Best Before date on the pack.  We have worked hard to develop technique that gives you some flexibility between purchase and consumption but always uses safe food handling practices when feeding your baby.

Leading Baby Food Brands that you find on the shelf at the supermarket are called Ambient products.  To achieve a shelf life of up to 18months they put the packs through an extreme heat blasting process called Retort.  The pouches are sealed and taken to approx. 250 degrees and held for a few minutes.  This heat treatment not only kills the bacteria and microorganisms that would otherwise see the food spoil in a matter or days, it also kills most of the nutritional goodness of the meal.


Our Fresh Pots are FRESH, full of nutrients and delicious real flavours.

Yep, absolutely. Anyone who knows Emily knows she is an advocate of freezing.  But she wanted to provide you the freshest meal in its purest form. If you want to buy in bulk and freeze then go for it.  Our Pots are made from a high grade plastic that is Freezer safe.

Our Fresh Pot plastics are made from the highest quality food grade plastic. They are 100% BPA free. In addition they are re-sealable, reusable, dishwasher safe and microwavable.


We love them so much re use them and encourage you to as well!

Yes and they are all specified on the pack at the end of the ingredients list.

There is some minor water separation evident on some of the fresh pots because we add do not use stabilisers or fillers. NONE. Our fresh pots are cooked using home style cooking techniques and natural ingredients just like you would at home. After heating the product give it a quick stir and it will disappear before you know it.

Home Delivery FAQs

Our Fresh Pots are delivered Tuesday – Friday. Simply order before 12pm  and your order will be on your doorstep early the next business morning, guaranteed by midday. No deliveries take place on Mondays.

Note: If you would prefer a different delivery day please specify in the notes section.

We can arrange for our driver to send you an SMS once your order has been delivered, regardless of the time.  If you want this notification please let us know when you order via the comments box.

Your order is packed into a cooler bag with ice pack in a refrigerated environment, transported within a refrigerated vehicle left at your door for maximum convenience. This ice pack is guaranteed to keep your order cool for 4-6hours.

The Food Babies Love driver will leave your order at the front door or pre-arranged safe place for maximum convenience.


If you are going to work then use your office address as your delivery address.

We are currently offering delivery on our Fresh Pots within 80kms of Melbourne CBD and hope to expand rapidly throughout Australia. If you are unsure whether we are able to deliver to your area, please contact us.

To provide the best level of service we have to charge a little bit to cover our costs. 

  • Zone 1 within 25kms of Mel CBD - $10
  • Free with a Fresh Pots order over $100 (up to 100kms of Melbourne CBD)

For the sake of preserving this beautiful world we live in please leave your cooler bag on your doorstep for collection when your next order is due. We would like to reuse these as much as possible.

At Food Babies Love we work hard to ensure customer satisfaction but unfortunately from time to time people make mistakes. Please email if you encounter a problem and a team member will get back to you within 24 hours. Please provide a phone number to allow faster communication.