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We know you want to provide your baby with nutrient rich, real food with real flavours. We also know that the reality of parenthood is that it can leave you time poor, and despite your best efforts it is not always possible to cook fresh food at home. So Emily and the team have worked hard to achieve her dream and are now thrilled to offer a variety of Food Babies Love’s favourite recipes in FRESH POTS at a variety of stockists along the Eastern seaboard and direct to your door in Melbourne.

Being time poor no longer needs to mean poor quality food. With all the hard work done for you our convenient Fresh Pots contain only real food you can see.

We believe eating well is the foundation to a happy and healthy life and FRESH food should be readily available for all children.

Early Proteins
6 Months +

Textured Meals
7 Months +

Toddler Meals
10 Months +

Why Choose Fresh Pots?

We are FRESH

Where do you store your meat and veg? We keep ours in the refrigerator.

Definitely not on a shelf for up to 18 months.

Leading baby food brands are heat blasted to allow them to sit on the shelf for a year or more. Whilst convenient for retailers, the processing of these products results in a nutrient-deficient meal for your growing baby.

Just like home-made, our meals are all natural and are cooked and delivered fresh to you with no added salt, sugar, artificial preservatives or colours. Nutritious and Delicious.

You'll find Food Babies Love Fresh Pots in the refrigerator at your local store, where all proper food comes from.



We are about pots not pouches

At Food Babies Love, we believe a life-long love of good quality food begins early. We believe food should be seen (and dare we say touched!) to be enjoyed by your baby and stimulate all of their senses.

So we chose clear pots, not pouches. We want you and your baby to see our food, smell our food and touch it. Food is fabulous and it should not be hidden away.

It also should not be sucked. Babies need to learn to chew and swallow food as part of their development. Food pouches offer no sensory stimulation and the proliferation of them is causing oral, dental and speech development issues in our babies.

Our BPA free Fresh Pots are made from the highest quality food grade material. They are freezer safe, microwavable, dishwasher safe, re-sealable and reusable or recyclable.


We are into taste & texture

At Food Babies Love, we believe eating well is the foundation to a happy and healthy life. We believe in feeding our babies food that we would happily eat ourselves and follow the mantra; if you wouldn’t eat it yourself, don’t give it to your baby.

Our Fresh Pots are created from the much-loved recipes from the best-selling book - Food Babies Love, by Emily Dupuche. We only use real, quality ingredients ensuring the great taste Emily’s recipes are known for.

Covering a variety of tastes, colours and textures to help your baby thrive and stimulate their senses, Food Babies Love Fresh Pots offer real food you can see. If you think some of our chunks are too big, simply fork mash them down. But we’d rather you see the real food that goes into our Pots, than be wondering what, if anything, is in there.

Our fresh pots are so delicious your baby will keep coming back for more.


We love quality

Providing meals with the freshest and best local ingredients is the number one priority for Food Babies Love. We have worked hard to establish partnerships with suppliers to ensure there is NO compromise on quality. Emily is so committed to this she has even put her name on them.

We say NO to artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. Our meals are made according to strict food preparation standards giving you the confidence you are doing the best for your baby.

We offer the only widely available baby food on the market that is available in its pure form using home style cooking techniques. It is 100% fresh. Best of all it is tried and tested by REAL Parents and REAL babies!



I was most impressed by the nutritional soundness and layout of Emily Dupuche's delightful family cookbook for children entitled Food Babies Love.

Dr Elisa Rough

Absolutely love this book. It has made me feel less fearful in the leap into solids.

Nerida G

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