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Wednesday 27 April, 2016

Fresh Baby Food For Time-Poor Parents. Fresh Pots Have Arrived.

It’s kind of ironic that 8 years to the day that my twins arrived in the world, the first production run of my brand new range of fresh baby food commences. Now I have three babies that share the same birthday. Two took 7 months to grow (Sophie and Louis were 8 weeks premature) and the last has taken 3 long hard years of serious sweat and toil and a lot of questioning as to why I was doing this.

So why have I done it? Because I am passionate about children eating good food and I can’t bear to see children eating rubbish food with poor nutritional outcomes. It seriously bothers me to see babies in prams sucking on pouches. Where is the joy and happiness in that? No smell, no visual stimulation, and worst of all, no taste sensations. Have you tried those things lately? Gag.

So rather than sit around getting upset, I decided to try and do something about it and create a range of fresh and nutritious convenience meal options that would help time-poor parents feed their babies better quality food, and ultimately help them to develop a love of good fresh food.

It’s no secret that a person’s tastes preference are determined in the first 12 months of eating, and therefore, it is so important to expose them to a wide variety of tastes, colours, and textures. Or that good food is the foundation of a happy healthy life.

Enter Food Babies Love Fresh Pots. Australia’s first range of readily available FRESH baby and toddler meals. Wow! I’m welling up writing this … Truly. It started as a dream and has been the most incredible roller coaster ride. I’ve learnt, I’ve hurt, and I’ve survived … just. And now I am so chuffed to be finally releasing my very own range of fresh food for babies and toddlers.  With 7 varieties in the range and packaged in convenient microwavable and resealable pots, being time poor no longer needs to mean boring tasteless food for our babies and toddlers.

From May 10, our Fresh Pots will be available in stores in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, and many places in between. It is also available via home delivery in Melbourne 5 days a week, with more states to follow soon.

If you want to see us in a store near you, simply email us the store name and address details and we’ll get on the case. It would also help enormously if you would go in there and request us by name. Our launch range is just the beginning and we encourage you to get in touch with your requests for future development suggestions.

I have to thank my family for their incredible support on this journey. They are the reason for my being and I love them all to bits and pieces. There have been many friends and extended family members who have provided advice, support, babysitting and shoulder to cry on, thank you. And to my team who have been on this journey with me, thank you. I could not have done it without you.

All a bit soppy? Sorry. Stop reading now and go and explore our beautiful brand new website and help spread the word. With your help, we can all Change the face of Australian Baby Food, for the better.  If you are in Melbourne you can pre-order your Fresh Pots from today, with delivery after May 1o.


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