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Tuesday 05 December, 2017

Should I Make My Toddler Eat Crusts?

Does eating your crust make your hair curly or not? I’ve never quite got that one.

No matter, the real question is, should I be making my child eat their crusts? The answer is No. Crusts are just another version of the rest of the bread, they contain no more or less of the nutrients, so despite me thinking they are delicious and always encouraging my own children to eat them, there is not nutritional benefit to them.

It does rankle me, however, to find half the sandwich still attached to the crusts in the lunch box, so I have learnt to pick my battles and cut them off which means ALL of the sandwich and the nutritious filling gets eaten.

What’s in the sandwich is the important bit, so encouraging them to eat that is more beneficial than the crusts. Ensure you offer a variety of sandwich options including lots of protein (shredded chicken, tuna, egg) and fresh veggies such as tomato, lettuce, grated carrot and cucumber. And remember, always use a quality seeded bread over a white highly-processed loaf.

So if you are sick of the battle, you can happily lose this one and focus on something more important. Crusts are so last year.

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