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Thursday 05 July, 2012

Microwave Pasta

We all know how satisfying it is after a busy day cubing pureed fruit and veg. After all that effort I was feeling rather unenthused about the ‘real meal’ and hit upon the idea of a microwave pasta sauce using a combo of the purees I’d already prepared and some chopped deli meats. It was delicious and the kids had no idea they’d devoured so many veggies.

Recipe per toddler –

2 cubes (spoons) carrot puree
1 cube (spoons) zucchini puree
1 cube (spoons) of your choice broccoli, cauliflower or pumpkin
I TBS chopped deli meats such as ham or mild salami or both
1/2 cup cooked pasta
grated tasty cheese to serve



Simply combine all sauce ingredients in a microwave safe container and warm through for a minute or so. Toss sauce through pasta, top with cheese and serve without saying a word about what’s in it!

Did you know that you can cook pasta in the microwave? Its super simple and saves you having to wait for water to boil, or contend with cleaning boil-overs, pots and colanders. Using a microwave safe dish, place pasta and enough cold water to cover. Microwave on high for the specified cooking time on the pack plus an additional 5 minutes for up to 3 serves (cooking time will vary depending on your microwave so keep an eye on it until you get the feel of it.)

I found this method of cooking pasta a godsend as I could pop it in the microwave, head off to bath the kids and come back 15 minutes later to cooked pasta and no mess. Brilliant.

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