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Our food philosophy


This parenting gig is a big responsibility. You want to ensure your baby or toddler is getting all the goodness they need to grow, play, learn (and sleep well!). So you can relax knowing that our innovative range of meals and snacks are all-natural, and developed in consultation with dieticians, nutritionists and child health professionals. Providing a healthy diet means offering a variety every day, which is why we’ve created an exciting range for you to choose from.


In an ideal world, we’d be cooking up a storm every day for our family. The reality is that parents are trying to do it all, and life gets in the way of even the best intentions. Don’t be hard on yourself, ditch the parent guilt, and let us help to make your life easier. Our Real Snacks can be delivered straight to your door (Fresh Pots, Melbourne only), and are found in many local retail outlets. Our mission is to make great tasting and home-style food for bubs widely available.

Homemade quality

We believe that the quality should be just like you’d made it yourself, with nothing artificial added. Our Real Snacks are full of wholesome goodness, real ingredients, and contain much less sugar than most kids snacks. Our Fresh Pots are exactly that. 100% Fresh. We’ve adapted the recipes from our bestselling baby and toddler cookbook, Food Babies Love: A Guide to Introducing Solids, so you know that the meals are, trusted, nutritious and tasty.

Stimulates senses

Babies eat with all of their senses, so we’ve created real food with this in mind. We want your baby to see what’s in their food, which is why we haven’t hidden the ingredients - they can actually see the colours of the individual veggies. Babies and toddlers don’t enjoy bland food, so we’ve developed interesting meals and snacks packed with all natural flavour, with enticing ingredients like herbs, mild spices and superfoods. We want your child to feel the food. Our Real Snacks fit perfectly into little hands, encouraging fine motor development and self-feeding skills. Our Fresh Pots are full of texture, which your baby will be transitioning onto once they’ve mastered the smooth purees.

delicious real food they will love.
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