Whether you cook yourself or need a helping hand, we’ve got you covered. With recipes, accessories and convenient prepared fresh meals for your bub. Our Fresh Pots range are 100% Fresh, just like you make at home. Our food is real food and not hidden away behind packaging. We use locally sourced ingredients with NO artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or fillers plus it’s NOT heat blasted so all the goodness is preserved. They are so good Emily has put her name on them.


Available in Woolworths Stores nationally and other independent grocers. See our stockist page to check availability at your local store.


We home deliver Food Babies Love Fresh Pots 5 days a week. Delicious, fresh food made simply for your baby and delivered to your door within 80 Kms of metro Melbourne.

I was most impressed by the nutritional soundness and layout of Emily Dupuche's delightful family cookbook for children entitled Food Babies Love.

Dr Elisa Rough

Absolutely love this book. It has made me feel less fearful in the leap into solids.

Nerida G

Banana Mango Frozen Whip

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He only eats toast and yoghurt!

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Banana Berry Breakfast Wraps

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Pasta Carbonara

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