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I’ve always loved food and cooking. When my twins were old enough to start solids, I had a great time introducing them to new foods. I know this process can be challenging for some parents and there is a need for practical and simple advice. I wanted to share my

experiences and show how easy it is to create delicious and nutritious meals for babies and toddlers. I don’t like bland, boring food and babies don’t either. I followed a simple rule… If I wouldn’t eat it, I wouldn’t feed it to my children. I never put avocado in my

banana smoothie and I certainly never ate meat and vegetables from a pouch. I would love to think every Australian baby could grow up loving food, so I wrote Food Babies Love; a guide to introducing solids, in 2012 and it is now an Aussie Best Seller!

Food Babies Love everyday

As parents, we have our baby’s best interests at heart, but even with all the best advice at hand, life gets busy and we don’t have a lot of time to prepare meals. There are plenty of long-life convenience baby food options, but our babies deserve better. They deserve fresh, nutritious and yummy food; food good enough for us to eat ourselves.

That’s why I’ve been working with my team at FBL for the last few years to bring you Australia’s first range of fresh baby and toddler meals: Food Babies Love® Fresh Pots®.

We have taken a selection of tried and true favourite’s from the book and made them available in convenient pots.

All of our Fresh Pots are perfect for babies aged 12+ months, but can also be mashed for a smoother texture to cater for babies still getting used to lumps. Our delicious, nutritious and guilt free, all natural meal options will help your baby thrive and give you a helping hand too – plenty of convenience, without the compromise.


Fresh is Best

Some babies are eating food that is older than them!

Would you eat meat and vegetables stored on a shelf for up to 18 months? This type of baby food is safe because it is heat blasted to allow it to sit on the shelf for a year or more.

The process makes it a pretty convenient product for retailers, but the result is a nutrient deficient meal for your growing baby. Until recently, this sort of food was the only option for parents looking to purchase convenient, ready-made baby food

Food Babies Love® Fresh Pots® are just like home-made baby food, with no added salt, sugar, artificial preservatives or colours. And you can find them on the top shelf of the kid’s yoghurt section in selected Woolworths stores and in other independent supermarkets.

Pots over Pouches

Food is fabulous. It shouldn’t be hidden away. A life-long love of good quality food starts early and we believe babies should be encouraged to use all of their senses when they eat.

We chose clear pots so you and your baby can see, smell and touch our food. Food pouches offer no sensory stimulation and the proliferation of them is causing oral, dental and

speech development issues in our babies. Sucking on a pouch doesn’t teach your baby to chew and swallow, missing an important part of their development.

Our BPA free Fresh Pots are made from the highest quality food grade material. They are freezer safe, microwavable, dishwasher safe, re-sealable and reusable or recyclable.


Stimulating Senses


When I feed my children, my mantra is, ‘If I wouldn’t eat it myself, I wouldn’t give it to my baby.’ This is the basis for my book, Food Babies Love: A guide to introducing solids. All of my recipes are suitable for your whole family. Food Babies Love® Fresh Pots®, are created from these much-loved recipes because I truly believe eating well is the foundation to a happy and healthy life.Our Homestyle Fresh Pots are made from real, quality ingredients so they taste just like home-made.

Food Babies Love® Fresh Pots® are made for babies aged 12+ months. This is so parents can see the real food thatgoes into them, rather than wondering what they are actually feeding their baby. If your baby is not ready for the lumpy texture, Food Babies Love® Fresh Pots® can simply be mashed with a forkor blended to your desired consistency. Food Babies Love® Fresh Pots®, are the best tasting baby food available. Theyare so delicious your baby will keep coming back for more.

Quality First

There is no use following a great recipe if we don’t have the quality ingredients to match. We have worked hard to establish partnerships with suppliers to ensure there is no compromise on quality. At Food Babies Love, we use the freshest and best local ingredients. I am so committed to this, that I have put my name on every pot!

Our delicious meals are made according to strict food preparation standards and we say NO to artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

Food Babies Love® Fresh Pots®, offer the only widely available baby food on the market that is sold in its pure form using home style cooking techniques.

It is 100% fresh. And, it is tried and tested by REAL Parents and REAL babies! You can now purchase Food Babies Love® Fresh Pots®, in selected Woolworths stores across the country. FBL Fresh pots are also available in other independent stores and via our home delivery service in Melbourne.

Pumkin and sage risotto
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Pumkin and sage risotto
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